Large Wheelybug £40.12 @ Tesco Direct

The Wheelybugs on sale at Tesco Direct are down from £65 to £40.12 at the moment. You can choose from various designs and you are saving around £15 off the original price as well! If you have a Tesco nearby, then you can arrange to collect yours instore to save on delivery charges.

The different Wheelbugs on sale at Tesco include the Tiger, Ladybird, Bee, Piggy, Mouse and Cow. I have to admit that my favourite is the Tiger really. Those cute little fluffy ears are too much! Also, you can’t really see the faces of the Ladybird, Bee and Cow which makes them look a tad creepy.

The Wheelybugs are ideal for toddlers aged 1-2 years old and let them roam the home safely and easily. They have been designed for children learning motor skills and can be ridden, pushed and pulled along thanks to the multi-directional castors. The Wheelybugs are handmade and are easy to keep clean too. There are also two different age range indicators on the site. One says 1-2 and the other says 2+, not sure which one is right!

Thanks to mummyk123 at HUKD!

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