Lamaze Octotunes £11.59 @ Amazon

30 July 2010

lamaze Down from a very expensive £21.99, this Lamaze toy is a fabulous deal at only £11.59 including free delivery. This toy will let baby make merry music and even comes with (wait for it) a song book and a soft vanilla scent.

I am intrigued by this new trend in scented toys. First (well, that I heard of) is the almost impossible to find, and extremely expensive, Lotso Bear from Toy Story 3. Apparently that bear smells of strawberries. The thing is, I love the idea but how long will the smell realistically last?

In our house toys need a jolly good wash or a wipe every month (at the very least – the popular ones are weekly) so won’t any form of cleaning remove the yummy smell and therefore the entire reason you spent nearly £50 on a stuffed toy? This is my question of the week.lamaze2

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes, the Lamaze Octotunes. So this toy is for 0-2 years old and is designed to stimulate baby’s imagination and senses. Each tentacle makes a different note and you can play lines from some of your favourite nursery rhymes.

Thanks to millarcat at HUKD!

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