Koo-Di Seat Harness @ Wilkinsons

15 May 2010

KooDiBaby I loved the seat harness I got for my son. In fact, I still have it, even though at five years old he’s hardly going to need one! I can’t over state really just how useful it was to have one, especially when travelling. A reader at HUKD, elle2901, has seen a Koo-Di Seat Harness on half price sale at Wilkinsons, and received a further surprise when she got to the check out and found it reduced by 75%. In all, she paid just £1.99 for one of these. I am gutted – mine was a cloth one like the Koo-Di but a different brand, and I paid nearly £15!

KooDiPouchI used my seat harness on a variety of dining chairs, and on one occasion a patio chair made of ornate metal work. Baby clips in to the harness, and is held fairly securely. My son nearly died of happiness when he realised that he was sitting in a big chair like everyone else. It was hard to get him to sit in a high chair again. The harness does get covered in food if you’re using it to feed your child. And this can be a problem if you’re about to hit the road or jump on an airplane. I found I ended up washing it in the sink every day, but this was quite easy to do. Plus for quick fixes, a wipe down does do the trick even if it isn’t as hygienic as you’d like. It gets the excess off, so you can clean it properly later.

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