Koochi Whoosh Stroller £49.99 @ Argos


The Koochi Whoosh stroller is down to less than half price at Argos – a mere £49.99 rather than the usual £109.99. This stroller comes highly recommended by many parents, has some ace extra features and now costs a very reasonable price indeed.

The Koochi Whoosh stroller is suitable from birth and for children up to 15kgs. It has four wheels with a forward facing seat and multiple recline positions. The stroller includes a five-point harness and linked brakes, and the wheels can be set to either swivel or lock.

You also get a two handed umbrella fold design, a detachable hood, a shopping basket and a raincover. The stroller weighs in at 7.8kgs, which is sort of light, and can be folded down to fit most small spaces and boots.

The Koochi Whoosh stroller is in a very neutral colour and I have to confess to loving the cute little smiley face on the fabric.

Thanks to marz11 at HUKD!

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  • Danni
    I have been looking to buy 2 of these and thought great fab offer - oh no guess what - out of stock in all stores and currently out of stock for home delivery - y put things on offer when you dont have them to sell - so frustrating
  • Tara
    I agree with Danni, Out of Stock everywhere. Not a good deal if the average person can not find one. Just a complete waste of time.
  • Tamsin O.
    I am sorry ladies, but it must have sold out after the deal was written.
  • liz
    well after what i just read i am glad they were out of stock they should not be sold there are problems with them folding up and harnesses breaking one trapped a 3 mth old in the pram and the harness snapped sending a 7 mth old flying out into a busy road luckily none were seriously hurt mums obviously shook up but i wont be buying one :(
  • lauren
    i have been using this pushchair for over a year and had no problems with it apart from the brakes getting abit stiff. its a fantastic pushchair and would recommend to anyone. i also paid full price and still found it a great buy.... i am now buying exactly the same pushchair but just in a different colour as i fancy a change.

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