Johnson’s Baby Soft Bath Review

19 February 2011


Johnson’s Baby Soft Bath smells scrummy. You know, that smell that has been around for so long that it reminds you of your childhood and brings back all sorts of fluffy and cuddly memories? Well, this lovely bottle of bathing bliss is no different.

It costs anything from £3 and I found it at Boots for £3.05 with 12 club card points. It is really very good value for money when you consider that you’re getting 500ml and that you only need a few drops to keep baby clean.

Interestingly, I was sent this bottle as a Valentine’s Day idea. “Use it,” they said, “For a romantic bath.”

I honestly wasn’t sure about this idea. The smell of baby softness and romance don’t usually go hand in hand for me, and reviewing it on that level was edging into tricky waters. Excuse the pun.

I did use the Johnson’s Baby Soft Bath in my bath, though, and I found it very, very soft. My skin is sensitive and dry and it appreciated the fact that there is baby lotion included in the wash. I stepped out of the bath feeling clean and soft which is always a lovely feeling.

I also loved the smell. Although my husband said that he felt the urge to feed me a bottle rather than kiss me, so perhaps this isn’t quite the food for love type bath wash. Still, I did give the bottle to a friend with a baby to use and she raved about it.

The No More Tears formula meant that soap in the eyes didn’t hurt and make baby cry. The softness and moisturising qualities had baby’s skin soft and smooth. And the price point is excellent for such a lot of lotion. It’s a great buy.

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