Johnson’s Baby Skincare Wipes £1 @ Boots

Johnson’s Baby Skincare Wipes £1 @ Boots

Wow, ok, this is an ace deal for parents who have tots in need of an endless supply of wipes. These things are great, aren’t they? Come in handy for just about anything. Well, Boots has reduced a pack of 64 wipes down from the usual price of £2.44 to only £1.

This is a fantastic deal really. You can almost get three packs of Johnson’s baby wipes for the price of one – there is about 64p discrepancy there. These wipes are apparently made with an revolutionary new Softwaves fabric and enriched with special moisturising lotion.

These new Johnson’s Baby Wipes are specially formulated to keep baby’s delicate skin cleaner and softer than before. They are alcohol free, pH balanced, have the unique No More Tears formula (although I have yet to see a baby’s bum cry) and smothered in lotion.

I rather liked these wipes as I found them very gentle and great for keeping both my hands and my baby’s bum nice and soft.

Thanks to kamranamjad at HUKD!


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