InfaCare Night Time Baby Bath Review

InfaCare Night Time Baby Bath Review

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When it comes to bath-time, I’m pretty fussy about what bath products I’m prepared to use on my baby. Mercifully she doesn’t seem to have sensitive skin, and she hasn’t suffered from eczema, but I still find that many popular brands of bath and skincare products for babies seem to have a drying effect on delicate baby skin. And when my daughter was a few weeks old and suffering from a pretty terrible bout of baby acne along with cradle cap, I really tried to avoid anything except organic, natural bath products on her newborn skin.

So when we were asked to review a new product from InfaCare; their ultra mild night-time Baby Bath, I was happy to give it a whirl because I've used InfaCare's regular mild baby bath product before and been happy with it.

Clinically tested and pH balanced, InfaCare's new night-time baby bath is billed as being kind to babies' sensitive skin and good for creating long lasting bubbles. And in user trials, 70% of parents agreed that the fragrance helped their baby to relax in the bath. Clinical testing also reportedly proves that Infacare is gentle on the skin and is suitable for babies and children who may be prone to dry and sensitive skin. It's mild enough for use on babies aged from one month and above.

To use, you simply add one small squeeze of baby bath to clean running water. I was impressed with the bubbles right away - I find that many baby bath products - particularly those suitable for use on sensitive skin - don't actually produce much in the way of bubbles but this was noticeably different, and my daughter was delighted at all the frothy bubbles.

What really 'hits' you is the fragrance though - it's hard to describe but it's a lovely soothing, comforting smell. I'm a bit dubious about claims that certain bath products can help babies to sleep better, and I definitely wouldn't say that my daughter was any more relaxed with this in her bath than when I've bathed her with other bath products, but then she loves bath time so it's hard to gauge how relaxed a happy, splashing baby is.

The day after I first used this on my daughter, my husband remarked on the amazing smell coming from her hair and skin. My older kids promptly had a whiff of their baby sister too, and all agreed that this stuff smells great. Suffice it to say that my older kids didn't object when I squirted a bit of this in to their bath the next night, too!

Where can I get it?
InfaCare night time baby bath is currently on offer at Boots, down from £3.49 to £2.99 for a 750ml bottle. You can click here to find out details of other stockists, although I can only track it down at Boots just now.

The Good
The press release which accompanied our review sample stated that you don’t need much of this for it to produce masses of long-lasting bubbles, and I'd absolutely agree with that. It's a generously-sized bottle for the price (750ml), too.

The Bad
It's not 'bad' exactly but I can't really say whether it's ideal for night-time because I'm a bit sceptical about claims that baby bath care products have any bearing on how a child sleeps or settles at bedtime - I think that's a bit of a marketing gimmick which plays on new parents' desire for a decent night's sleep. That said, my daughter settles well after her bath and seems to love the extra bubbles that this baby bath creates.

The Verdict
I can't really comment on whether InfaCare night-time baby bath can help to prevent irritation or help with allergies, but my daughter's skin is healthy, clean and soft, and she smells divine. That's good enough for me!


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