HippyChick Seat Half Price - £18.75 @ Tesco

HippyChick Seat Half Price - £18.75 @ Tesco

hippychickSeatTesco are selling Hippychick seats for half price - £18.75 instead of £37.50; bargain!

I don't know a g r e a t deal about the Hippychick seat because I've never used one; I've heard of them, of course, and I can tell you a bit about them based on the official blurb, BUT if you want the REAL low-down then click HERE to read a personal review from our very own Luschka who, and I quote, thinks...

"They're the best thing since, well, EVER!"

So what is this Hippychick seat then?

Well, basically, it's a wide and sturdy belt that clips around your waist and has a 'seat' bit for your child to sit on, instead of you having to stick your hip out.

Gone will be the days of having to walk at the most odd angle so your child can stay up off the ground with you, but you don't have the full force of their weight hanging from your arms or the limpet grip of their legs around your waist.

The belt provides correct support for your spine, which is just SO important, and is recommended by osteopaths, chiropractors and health centres; it's also been fully tested by the British Standards Institute.

The Hippychick seat is machine washable and has a secure inner pocket too, for you to put any valuables in.

I've never heard a bad word said against Hippychick seats and rarely see them up for grabs for half price; I'd snap one up whilst their still in stock!

Thanks to snoozeyoulose at HUKD


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