Hippychick Hipset £18.75 @ Lollipop Nappies

5 July 2010

hipseat So, what is this hipseat thing, I hear you asking? What does it do? Well this is a sling but it’s not a sling and is supposed to be excellent for preventing back strain and keeping your tots nice and safe. Down from £37.50 to £18.75 at Lollipop nappies, this is a lovely bargain.

The clever design of the hipseat means you can hold your baby or toddler closer for longer without risking damage to your back. It gives your spine the correct support and can be used as soon as your child can sit unaided, around six months, until they are around three years old.

This particular product has been recommended by professionals in the field of osteopathy and chiropractics too. It even has secure inner pockets for all your bits and pieces and your tot sits on a padded foam shelf for extra comfort hip2while they cling to you.

It has won several awards from UK parenting mags like Mother & Baby and Practical Parenting and one size fits all. The colours are pretty limited though, you can currently only choose from green or black. Boo.

Thanks to Zobobump at HUKD!

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