Hauck Galaxy 2 In 1 Pram @ Bargain Crazy

Hauck Galaxy 2 In 1 Pram @ Bargain Crazy


I have to admit, I spent far too much on a pram when my son was born. As a new parent I hadn’t yet figured out all the ways of saving cash on baby products. Nor had I found the network of mothers I now depend on to fill me in on bargains. This Hauck Galaxy 2 in 1 pram looks like a great deal at £53.94 including delivery (use code WSAVE20) - possibly an ideal buy for those on a really tight budget.

HauckBaby2For me, the Galaxy 2 ticks the most important box on my list of must-haves for a new pram - baby can be placed on a flat surface and it also detaches to form a carry cot.

Now from my own personal experience, this is just fabulous if you’ve a two story (or more) home. I kept the carry cot from our pram downstairs for naps, and used the moses basket for upstairs naps and ‘big’ sleeps. That way I didn’t have to carry baby or basket up and down the stairs. With this deal you only get one colour option though – turquoise.

Thanks to ami-bees at HUKD!


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  • Mum2B
    Brilliant deal - have just ordered this so I hope it's good! We're on a budget and live in a top floor flat so have been trying to find something lightweight (and ideally with a detachable carrycot so I could leave the frame locked at the bottom). Scarily the carrycot's in most shops weigh nearly 5-6kg alone so at 1.4kg this is significantly lighter!
    • Lynley O.
      No way! I had no idea they were all so heavy. Do let us know how you get on!
      • Christie
        Hi, I have one of these prams and it is great but could anybody possibly tell me what the extra bit in the top of the carrycot is for??? It is padded & has 2 strings at the bottom on each side. I am not sure what the string attaches to & worried about my daughter swallowing them! I contacted Hauck UK & they couldn't help & told me to return to the retailer but I bought this product at a Warehouse shop which sell a range of products & not just for babies so they could not help either! Hope somebody can help as I don't feel that I can put my daughter in it safely until I do???