Hauck Citi Jogger Buggy Review

26 July 2011

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This looked like a good buggy for the budget conscious. The Hauck Citi Jogger can be bought online from various stockists. You'll find a list on the the website. One place to buy the buggy online is at Parent Supermarket, where it is priced at £79.99. That's a reduction of twenty quid on the RRP of £99.99.

PlayPennies mum Lucy, mum to an 18 month old with number two on the way, agreed to give this buggy a good test out.  As she's had 18 months of using her old buggy/travel system to compare the new one against, the buggy was in for a thorough review.

First Impressions

The Hauck Citi Jogger Lucy received was the version in plum. This is not, she is keen to stress, pink at all. However, all the photos online make it look pink, as you can see below.

The buggy arrived requiring a little assembly –  the wheels needed to be  put on, and the canopy clipped in.

Although it is a three wheeler buggy, Lucy found it to be fairly compact, which is great if you don’t have much space.

"Assembled it looks and feels quite sturdy," says Lucy, "but collapsed it doesn’t take up too much room. It’s also really easy to put up and down. It does require two hands, but it isn’t rocket science."

Hauck City Jogger Buggie in PlumPositions

Although Lucy hasn't needed to use this buggy from birth, the pushchair can be used from newborn. The seat lies completely flat, which is what you want for very young babies. The website describes it "an any position backrest using a drawstring mechanism."

Lucy found that the canopy had a material flap hanging off the back that attaches to the chair at the bottom to make it a completely closed ‘basinet’. While she thought that setup would probably fine for city strolling, she wouldn’t use it for anything overly strenuous and very bumpy. "But you’re not likely to with a newborn anyway," observes Lucy.

The only drawback she could see from this position is that the pushchair is forward facing, so it isn't really possible to see your newborn or sleeping baby without leaning over the canopy.

Ease of use

The drawstring mechanism was a hit with Lucy. "Changing from reclining to sitting up is superbly easy, and the angle of incline is completely flexible too, because it uses a drawstring system, rather than clips."  That would be a major plus with me too, as you can adjust the angle to suit the baby instead of being stuck with a set number of angles. Or in the worst case I had with one stroller, just two.

To collapse the chair, the seat needs to be in the reclined position.


The seat itself has all the usual features you kind of want in a pushchair, like the five-point safety harness, and padded shoulder straps to make it more comfortable for the child. "I particularly like this as my toddler tends to strain against the straps. The straps are also nice and wide, so I feel like they hold her more securely." says Lucy.

There’s also a removable bar.

Lucy loved the plum colour of the buggy she received, and thought it was deep enough that it’s not ‘girly’ as such, but could be used for a boy or a girl. "I love the plum and black, and think it’s a really good looking pushchair." she says.

The cover is removable and can be washed – although the instructions say it should be hand washed, which is not ideal.

The front wheel is actually two wheels, which Lucy thought might be meant to add to the stability. Front wheels swivel 360 degrees and are lockable and there is a one touch braking system on the rear wheels. Lucy found that she preferred "them to swivel as it makes steering a little easier, in my opinion, but my partner prefers it locked as he feels he has more directional control."

The final ‘feature’ is a large sized shopping basket. "It’s easy to access" says Lucy, "and can store quite a bit of stuff. I’ve had pushchairs in the past where the basket was almost inaccessible if there’s a child sitting in it, but this one isn’t."

The handle isn't height adjustable, but that is an issue if you're shorter than average. As a taller than average mum, Lucy found that the position of the handle was a plus. It was the first one she'd come across that didn't give her backache from being too low. " That alone puts this Hauck stroller way ahead of others for me," she says.

Hauck City Jogger Buggie in GreyAnd finally ...

While Lucy did feel that it’s a good pushchair, especially for the money, she also thought that you’re getting what you paid for. Her main problem was with the suspension. "We have another travel system that costs about six times as much, and is a very solid, very smooth, very sturdy ride. This isn’t so much. I feel every bump and pothole a lot more in this stroller than I do in that travel system".

Overall, she thought it was a great pushchair, and good value. "I’d personally probably only use it from about six months or so, but more because of the lack of suspension than any other reason. I would happily recommend it to a friend who needed something for a toddler or older baby."

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