Half-Price Scallywags Buggy Board @ Tesco Direct

buggyBoard "All ABOARD the Scallywags buggy board!!!"

Not all of us with more than one child of puchshair age want to drive a monstrous double-width buggy around town AND/OR don't like those super-long tandem ones either, and whilst the older child is adamant they won't get tired and WILL want to walk all the way....we know better, so what are we to do?

Simple, get a buggy board and happily cruise with two kids but ONE pushchair!  I've always thought that the buggy boards was the sort of genius idea thst is SO simple and effective, it makes you wonder why YOU hadn't come up with it before!

And it IS a simple piece of kit but ohhhh it's worth its weight on gold - all you need to do is attach the board to the back frame of your puschair and then your 'big kid' can stand along for the ride!

This Scallywags buggy board has a universal adapter feature which means it can be attached to, pretty much, any pushchair so there's no need to worry that you'll buy it and then discover it won't fit to yours.

It has a simple clip mechanism so you can put it on and take it off quickly and is easily folded away when you're not using it; it has a 2-wheel suspension so the ride is softer for the buggy board 'surfer' and they swivel too making corner negotiation effortless.

The rrp for this board is £44.99 and Tesco Direct are 'giving them away' for £22.49 so I'd hop on over there pronto if you're in the market for one of these - delivery is free to a store or standard delivery charges apply AND there are still double club-card points up for grabs too.

Thanks to Egor over at HUKD!

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