PlayPennies Giveaway: Two Munchkin Bundles Worth £50 Each!

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Munchkin are the award winning international baby brand that have created all sorts of cool and funky products for babies and kids. They have teamed up with PlayPennies to offer two lucky readers the chance to win a selection of fantastic cleaning goodies worth over £50 each!

These scrummy bundles from Munchkin will help you keep everything in your kitchen spick and span. The prize bundle includes all of the fantastic cleaning products from Munchkin such as the brightly coloured and innovative microwave steriliser bags, the deluxe bottle brush, the sprout drying rack, the flexible dishwasher basket and so much more.

As prizes go, each of these Munchkin packs is worth over £50 and are utterly brilliant for the time-strapped parent. Every one of these items has been designed to delight children while making your life easier and more enjoyable. The full collection of Munchkin products includes colourful and clever bathing, feeding and care products. You can see them all on the Munchkin site here!

So how can YOU win one of these awesome prizes?

How To Enter:

Standing a chance to win one of these gorgeous sets is simple.

Question: Visit the Munchkin site and tell us which product you would love to have and why.

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  • macky120
    I would love the munchkin mini blender as I have a 10 wk old son and will soon be thinking about blending and making baby food for him as he is one hungry munchkin!!!!! Thanks playpennies!
  • macky120
    Re above my twitter is @macky120 x
  • sam33
    I have just found the "Snack Tower"! With 2 girls age 1-3, we're always taking grapes, crackers, raisins etc out and about incase they get hungry! Cue a dash to find a pot with a lid to put item into, then another pot to put something else into! Would love to win the bundle and think I'll also purchase a tower!
  • littlebear1
    I would love to have the White Hot Duck Bath. We had a normal baby bath and its really awkward to use so it only got used a few times, our son will be 6 months soon and almost sitting so the White Hot Duck Bath looks like an excellent product to try. I love the in-built thermometer, it looks fun and such a bonus that its portable if we go away. It will make for much easier bathing!
  • olivia280177 Thi is brilliant for helping little ones learn to feed themselves.
  • olivia280177
    I am already subscribed
  • olivia280177
  • Snow_Bunny
    10oz-click-lock-flip-straw-cup looks interesting, as does the Snail Stacker.
  • Snow_Bunny
    I am subscribed to your amazing newsletter.
  • Snow_Bunny
    Tweeted too! @pandcands
  • Robyn297
    The Deluxe drying rack looks fab, my bottles are constantly being knocked off the usual drying rack, they don't stand up properly either, so don't always dry completely.
  • Littlemaid
    Definitely the snack tower! I have twin boys at 16 months who are always nibbling and my 4 year old son has just started school and I just can't fill him up at the moment. Tired and peckish boys can cause chaos when we go out. Between after school clubs, play dates with new friends and playgroup having fresh food storage I can grab and go makes life that little bit easier and stops "bad food" emergency treats from the shops for all 4 of us! Thats gotta save the pennies!
  • Robyn297
    subscribed to your emails
  • Robyn297
    tweeted @robynlclarke
  • Littlemaid
    Tweeted too, my id is the same as my email address x
  • Busyb1
    I would love the mini blender because my little princess is about to strat weaning and I cant afford one as amazing as that!! I want to do all the fresh food for my little girl to enure that she is given the best of the best!! they have some fab and funky things on the site ;)
  • poodlefluff
    The Corner Bath Organiser... because our bathroom is strewn with bath toys and I need to tidy them up! I am also subscribed to the Playpennies email update
  • theswannys
    A turtle train in the bath would create hours of fun for my son so it would have to be the pack of 3 Sea Turtles. (He's also named after a type of turtle so the theme is perfect!) thanks
  • theswannys
    Am already a subscriber. Thank you
  • vinnynice
    I'd go for the Bath Toy Scoop - looks a great idea and very tidy!
  • mazgoli
    I'd like the Fun Ice Chewy Teether. My granddaughter has been miserable for the past few days and last night her Mum called to say the her first tooth has appeared!
  • mazgoli
    I'm already a subscriber.
  • dingvarsson
    Love , love the idea of the ,snack tower, I love going out with my two babies ( both under 2) and snaking its taking over my bag so I would love to be organised . My other mums friends would be so jealous :)
  • hannahlirish
    I would LOVE the snack tower :)
  • jazzy42
    I love the snack tower such a great idea for when out and about @kikicomp
  • jazzy42

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