FlexiBath Baby Bath Tub Review

16 July 2010

FlexiBath Baby Bath Tub 1
I suspect that I am the target market for the FlexiBath Baby Bath Tub. It came as quite a surprise to me to find that I turned germ-phobic when my son was born. And chemical-phobic. He was well over a year old before I was able to brave the local soft play centre. It seems weird to me now but then there's a lot of reactions that aren't exactly rational when you're a first time mother.

When on maternity leave I did a lot of travelling, and while I could find a travel alternative for just about everything (see the Samsonite Pop-Up Travel Cot for example), there was nothing at the time to take the place of a baby bath. Instead I travelled with a spray bottle of cleaner (natural of course) and used a towel to keep some distance between baby and the bath tub in hotels, and the bottom of the shower cubicle in the RV we rented the other side of the Atlantic!

The FlexiBath baby bath tub is foldable. So handy for small bathrooms, for throwing in the boot for a weekend at the in-laws/parents, and for taking when travelling in some situations. Although at 1.3kg it might be too heavy for air travel.

Sadly I don't have a baby to try this bath out on anymore. So I gave it to PlayPennies mum Emma to test instead.

First impressions

FlexiBath Baby Bath Tub 2

Emma wasn't quite sure what she was in for.  "I had imagined a plastic contraption which might possibly leak. But when I opened up the flexi-bath, it IS plastic sheets but the seams are all made of some rubber material, so there's no chance of leakage at all. I was pleasantly surprised at the excellent design that has gone into this product. It was flat-packed, and popped open when I poked at it."

According to the manufacturer's website, the FlexiBath is made from Polypropylene (PP) and Thermoplastic Elastomeric (TPE). It claims that both types of raw materials are free from PVC, phthalates, heavy metals and other harmful or hazardous materials.

The FlexiBath can be folded together and stored flat against the wall, or in a cupboard, under a bed - you get the picture. The bath tub has a non-slip surface. It comes in a wide range of colours, including transparent.


The specifications on the website don't really give an idea of the capacity of the bath. Just the size of the bath - 66.5cm long, 38.9cm wide and 23.8cm high.

FlexiBath Baby Bath Tub 3"When we first tried out the flexi-bath at baby's bedtime", Emma explains, "I had to put about six kettles of water in it to get it to a decent level for my little one. Baby got in, splashed around a bit, and found the bath pretty comfortable, or so I assume. She's 2 months old, and she could easily stretch out to her full length in the bath."

Emptying the bath provides a slight logistical problem. "For emptying, I carried the bath over to the sink, and easily removed the stopper from the bottom, and watched all the water wash away into oblivion." she said.

Read the manual

"I decided to read the instructions after I had used the bath for the first time." Emma confessed, although she didn't really miss out on anything.

"They say all the usual things, such as don't leave your child unattended, don't heat the water in the bath itself... etc. Most are just common sense. If you don't actually possess any common sense, you'd be better off reading the instructions!"

And finally

Emma wasn't sure though when you might need the FlexiBath. Personally I agree. In a tiny bathroom in a small flat, surely the basin would do until baby was big enough to go in the bath comfortably? And in hotels, there's always the towel on the floor of the bath tub option.

Emma commented that "I was trying to think of where and when this product would be useful. My partner said it would be handy if you were FlexiBath Baby Bath Tub 4going on holidays, or even just off to a hotel for the weekend. You could pop the flexi-bath in your car for whenever you need it."

But then there's people like me who are far more comfortable using the same bath that's solely for their baby's use. And if you can't be a little bit irrational when in charge of a new baby, when can you?

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  • Emma K.
    Oooh my other half just had a brainstorm - we used the flexi-bath as a drinks cooler!! We filled it full of ice, topped it up with a little water, and stocked it with soft drinks and alcohol. Win!
  • LynleyOram
    I love it! I will be using our old baby bath for just that purpose next time we have a party. Tell your other half he is a genius :)
  • Jade
    It's also useful for people who don't have bathtubs. I do not have a bathtub and, since my house is privately rented, I can't put one in. My son is two and is too large for a standard baby bath, plus, they don't fold down which is necessary since my house is incredibly small. These baths are the answer to all of my problems!
  • Lynley O.
    GOod to know it is big enough to be comfortable for a two year old. As a practical issue, do you use it in the lounge or kitchen?
  • Luschka O.
    Another awesome use for this would be on a camping trip. Do you have any idea how unbabyfriendly campsite showers are? Good lord, could I tell you stories of nakedness, escaping baby and drenched clothing...
  • maegmez
    I just signed up for their newsletter and got sidetracked! They have some great products but love this bath! I love it for taking on our camping holidays too!
  • LynleyOram
    Maegmaez you need to write your comment on the competition post not this one.
  • Lil23
    Our purple FlexiBath is currently being used as a pirate ship!

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