Fisher Price Sing With Me Stepstool £14.99 Was £19.99 @Toy Realm

Fisher Price Sing With Me Stepstool £14.99 Was £19.99 @Toy Realm

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Ooh, here's a bargain if you have a toddler who is currently getting to grips with learning how to ditch the nappies and, um, make like a big boy or girl.

This Sing With Me Step Stool is ideal for helping toddlers to reach all manner of exciting places, including the sink. And probably wherever you keep the sweeties stashed, too. It's obviously also brilliant for toilet training.

You can tap the hands on the top of the stool to play a song so that little ones know how long to wash their hands for too - and you can also use it to help teach how long to brush teeth for.

The website says:

"Based on widely recommended standards, a 30 second wash-your-hands song and a 2 minute brush your teeth song help toddlers know when to start and when to stop."

I know some grown-ups who could do with that!

The Sing With Me Step Stool has non-skid stripes for secure footing, plus an extra large surface to help the youngest of toddlers navigate their way around tricky moments.

The product dimensions are 10 x 19 x 6.2 inches so you can rest assured that it can easily be stowed away when not in use, without becoming a trip hazard.

You just might not be able to resist pressing those hands and singing along at random moments...


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