Fisher Price Newborn To Toddler Portable Rocker Review

31 July 2010


I'm going to write a bit of a review about the Fisher Price Newborn To Toddler Portable Rocker, which I have been using for over a month now. I can't seem to find the product on the Fisher Price UK website, so I'll link you to the product page on Kiddicare instead.

The chair itself is really quite cute, good colours and accessories which would really appeal to a very young baby. It has a few height settings which you can adjust according to the child's age. There are also some handy "stoppers" at the end of the rockers which you can use if you want to stop the chair rocking for some reason.

The chair has a vibrate function which seems quite good for comforting and soothing baby.

Even though the product states that it is for newborns, it wasn't ideal when I first put my baby in it, when she was a few weeks old. With the seat at its flattest setting, baby's head kept lolling over to one side, as they are prone to doing. Her head would then rest on the hard plastic parts at the side of the chair. I eventually used a little soft headrest which I had from another product, to prevent this from happening.

I think this is a pretty good product, but I don't recommend it for newborns. In my opinion, it would be good once your child is a few months old.

A friend bought me this portable rocker on Amazon quite a while ago. It may be a slightly older model now as most of the online store seem to be out of stock of this particular product. I still wanted to write this review though in case anyone was searching for some personal comments about the Fisher Price Newborn To Toddler Portable Rocker.

Here's a pic I took :)


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  • blurpyblurp
    My daughter has used this chair since she was a newborn and now she's past 3. When she was first born, it was her little bed, and now she uses it as her reading chair. IMO, this is one of the best long term items from birth I'd bought for her. Everything else besides her bed is now stored away ..
  • Emma K.
    Hi blurpy :) I'm thinking the same thing, this chair is going to be great as my little one grows up :)
  • flyingma
    I got this chair for my little one. For the first 2 weeks, we really struggled to get him to sleep for any decent period of time in the recommended flat on his back in his cot position. He woke up every so often crying in a pool of his own sick. I think he's always had a slight reflux problem. Babies with bad reflux are sometimes medically recommended to sleep on their fronts as having balance out the odds of reflux problems vs risk of cot death. His dad flatly refused as his reflux really wasn't that bad. After 2 weeks of changing the sheets everyday I was sufficiently frightened of finding him choked on sick to try what my mother had recommended from the start: to sleep him uprightish in this chair since all 4 of us had spent our first few months in a rocker chair. It is true that there isn't a lot of padding so we put in a sheepskin and lots of blankets and muslin rolls support his head. But he instantly took to snuggling up in a corner (we padded this out too) of this chair and slept for longer than he ever had before on his back. For 2 months I tried every few weeks to settle him on his back in the cot but this is what we preferred: he because he slept better and me because he wasn't sick in his sleep. I have been told that babies don't choke to death on their own sick but really I wasn't going to take the chance with my firstborn. The reason why I am being so morbid is because some of the reviews I read really slated such chairs for being no use to the reviewer but for me it was a lifesaver. Every day and night for 2 months this was what my baby slept in from newborn. I have consulted a doctor on whether this was like sleeping him in a carseat which would result in a curved spine but the doctor assured me that since the base was flat and there was room to wriggle the baby would be fine. My mum can't believe that I would worry about this since we all turned out having lovely straight backs. Now that he is older, it is a holding space for a short time and I am a bit sad that he has outgrown the toys as he had a milestone each with the hanging cat and dog! I imagine it will still be useful when he is older too. Best purchase I made! Btw I think the reason you cannot find it on the Fisher Price website is because it has been superseded by the version with the lion picture on the seat back.
  • Emma K.
    Hi flyingma! Thanks for your great comments. My nephew had reflux, and my sister said that she had him sleep in a car seat for months, for the reasons you mention... great to know that this chair was so useful for you!
  • sarah
    This chair seems to be pretty good. I had a different make of one for my first son and it was not as good as this one. There is more support around the baby which is exactly what I needed. Recommended.

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