Fisher Price - Friendly First Bouncer £21.99 @ Play

Play win the trophy for having the lowest selling price for this Fisher Price - Friendly First Bouncer at the moment, £21.99 instead of £35.99.  The other usual suspects are selling for between £27 and full price, so Play are definitely the place to go if you're in the market for a bouncy chair for your baby.

If you're already a little way down the parenthood path you'll already know how invaluable a bouncing baby chair/rocker chair/call them what you will is - babies love motion and a bouncing baby chair like this Fisher Price - Friendly First Bouncer will come to your rescue on more than one occasion.

You know, thinking about it, if I could work out how many hours my three children spent in their bouncy chairs - awake and asleep - and could work it out against the cost, then I can guarantee they'd work out to be one of the most value for money items of baby equipment bought.

This Fisher Price - Friendly First Bouncer has a soft padded seat, which is machine washable, and a removable toy bar to keep your baby amused whilst awake and they've got fed up of watching you potter around.  It also has a vibration setting that will help soothe your baby when they desperately want to sleep but, for some reason, insist on fending off the Land of Nod until the bitter end.

There's no delivery charges to pay with Play, so £21.99 for this Fisher Price - Friendly First Bouncer is all you need to pay.

Thanks to madj1muk at HUKD

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