Firefly Character Toothbrush Review

15 January 2011


Teeth. I have a real thing about making sure that my daughter’s teeth are kept in mint condition and tend to buy all sorts of different toothbrushes to encourage her to get into the whole experience. Firefly have just launched a cool range of toothbrushes for kids that use light technology to keep them brushing for the recommended time.

The flashing light lasts for one minute – time to brush their upper or lower teeth – and then they press the light again to finish off their routine. You can get a bunch of different designs, they only cost between £1.49 and £2.49, and you can nab them from Argos, Lloyds Pharmacy and Amazon. Unfortunately I can’t find any Hello Kitty ones online but I did find Spiderman, Barbie and many others that are just ace.

These toothbrushes have had fantastic reviews and I must admit that mine is something of a mixed bag. It is very cute and well made, the Hello Kitty is the entire length of the brush and my daughter utterly loves it. This toothbrush definitely has made brushing a lot easier as she loves the flashing light and the way the entire thing lights up.

We took ours on holiday with us so it endured a lot of suitcase bashing and moving about so by the time the three weeks had ended, this toothbrush no longer flashed properly. In fact, it did this crazed flashing for about 30 seconds and then stopped. Or it would flash randomly when you walked past it. We may have landed the only haunted Hello Kitty toothbrush on the planet. Now it no longer works at all.

It is a great brush and comes from a reputable US company but ours didn’t handle travelvery well. Still, for the price and the design, it is a superb buy overall.

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  • Travis T.
    I kinda thought these were going to be characters from the 'firefly' TV show, not that i would have found them any more desirable as i am, as far as i can tell, the *only* person who understands why they canceled the thing. I'd choose the shark eyed, mouthless horror of kitty-chan any day

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