Doodle Play Chair @ Silver Cross

26 July 2010

Silver Cross Doodle Play Chair Lilac What does the brand Silver Cross conjure up? Posh? Expensive? Exclusive? All of the above? I love it myself, although I've never owned any. I knew a mum who found a Silver Chair old fashioned pram in a charity shop for next to nothing though! Far too expensive to buy new. Although some items might be OK. Especially on sale, like this Doodle Play Chair, which Silver Cross has reduced from £45 to £15.

Did I read that correctly? Forty five pounds for a chair for a toddler! Good grief. Expensive doesn't even cover it. Even fifiteen quid might seem a bit steep under other circumstances. But you pay for the brand and the quality. And just think how impressed your brother or sister would be if you bought this for their offspring? Or as a present from you as the godmother? I think theSilver Cross Doodle Play Chair stone parents would like it, even if the children don't care if it is Silver Cross or Ikea!

It comes in three colours - aqua, lilac and stone. It can be washed down, so ideal for inside and outdoor use, and also for messy play or just messy eating!

Thanks to lyns123456 at HUKD!

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