Disney Cars Plastic Table And Chair £14.99 @ Home Bargains

Home Bargains are selling this Disney Cars plastic table and chair for £14.99 - which is a pretty decent price for something like this that's Disney.

This Disney Cars plastic table and chair is going to be fab if you've got a little Disney Cars fan; kids love to have their own furniture, especially if it features their favourite (for this week anyway) character.

They'll be able to sit at it to draw and do jigsaw puzzles; they'll be able to sit at it and eat snacks.  It is light enough to be easily moved around the house or out into the garden where they'll be able to eat picnic lunches, rather than sitting on a blanket (one day the blanket will be the only place for picnic lunches in the garden, and the next they'll flatly refuse and want to sit at a table like a 'grown-up' - or maybe that was just mine when they were smaller!).

I have to say, the ONLY thing I'm disappointed about with this Disney Cars plastic table and chair, is just that - CHAIR, singular!  Where's the other chair?!  Was it made for kids who never have friends come to play and are only children?

TWO chairs Disney, TWO! Where's little Billy's friend going to sit when he comes to play and they want to eat together at the special Disney Cars table?!

*rant over* You can arrange to collect your Disney Cars plastic table and chair in-store for free, or pay an additional £2.95 ish for home delivery; it's up to you.

Thanks to wishihadadonkey at HUKD

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