Discontinued Don't Buy Child Car Seats: Check Out This Information From The Which? Team

Which! Don't Buy Car Seat

*EDITED TO ADD: We've just heard from a reader on our Facebook page that they contacted the store where they bought this car seat and were told that the store would happily replace it, even without a receipt. If you have one of these seats, it may be worth contacting the store where you bought yours from for advice. Thanks Leanne, for the information!*

It goes without saying that we love a bargain, but it doesn't always pay to skimp on price, and child car seats are one of those purchases where it's worth putting safety and reliability above cost.

So if you're shopping around for a car seat for a little one, it's worth checking out what the Which? guide has to say about them.

One Playpennies follower alerted us to the 'Don't Buy' guide from Which? - it's all part of their Child Car Seat Safety Campaign. It works like this - if a seat scores less than 40% in their car seat test then it features in their 'Don't Buy' guide which basically means they don't recommend purchasing it because it doesn't provide as good crash protection in their crash tests as other car seats.

Specifically, the Babystart Multi-Recline Group 0/1 car seat has just been added to the Which? 'Don't Buy' guide. Since their testing took place this particular car seat has been discontinued, but you might already own one or indeed spot them for sale on sites that sell second-hand baby goods.

It's worth stressing that you should never buy a car seat secondhand because it's impossible to tell whether it has been in an accident or sustained damage that's not obvious to the eye.

Which?has given this seat the lowest possible rating because it offers "very poor" frontal impact safety as a forward-facing Group 1 seat installed with the adult seat belt, and when in the reclined position the shoulder parts of the harness ripped out of the plastic seat shell as it broke, during our tests".

Scary stuff, but worth knowing. You can read more here.

Thanks to Corrine for sharing this on Facebook.


  • Holly83
    So what happens if you already have one of these??
  • vhmason
    What make of car seat is this?
  • rubeheart
    So what happens if you already have one of these??
    take it back and get it replaced
  • marie2675
    Took two back to argos this evening and they would not refund saying they have not yet been recalled but they are urgently looking into the matter. I was told that argos have tested them and found them to be fine and was even told that this was not as serious as it was being made out to be! My response was that I thought scoring 0% on a safety test was pretty serious! Have to call them back in about two days to check progress but not happy. Luckily these are not my main seats and have others I can use in the meantime.
  • Worriedmum
    What make is it?
  • hanric4
    What make is this car seat, there is no info on this post?
  • gemzld89
    I've been into argos this morning and the sales person phone store support. I was told They their legal team have looked into the matter and have found that the seat does meet eu regulations and which tested outside of these regulations. The lady couldn't tell me what the difference is between the tests but mentioned the eu test was at 30mph. Argos will therefore not be offering refunds etc instore. I will be speaking with head office as clearly there is a problem somewhere and as parents why should we take the risk.

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