Cuddledry Cuddlemoo Organic Toddler Towel

Cuddledry Cuddlemoo Organic Toddler Towel

cuddle2Sweet mercy, have you ever seen anything so cute as bath-fresh toddlers wrapped in cosy towels, disguised as cows?!

Usually retailing at around £30 these toddler towels aren't cheap so with free delivery thrown in this is a nice price.

At last! A towel for your toddler herd that is BIG, SOFT, WARM, FUN and downright gorgeous. Something special to use every day with your tot - or to give as a perfect present. Loved by kids as well as mums and dads - your little moo cows will bundle the towel around them to keep them snug, and then charge around your house - horns and all - until its time to get dressed!

Cuddledry uses natural fibres in its products to make soft towelling, perfect for sensitive young skin, and lovely for children to snuggle in after a bath.

Cuddledry toddler products use fun designs, just like this funky cow print, while retaining quality and subtle colours. Cuddledry make bath time simple and fun, so instead of refusing to come out of the bath, toddlers want to come out and play 'dress up' in these towels.cuddle

  • A towel for toddlers that’s big, soft, snugly and fun
  • Incredibly soft and luxurious, superb quality
  • Unbleached organic cotton and natural bamboo fibre, perfect for young skin
  • Generous sized double-layers of towelling make it thick and cosy
  • Double-layer hood and 'wings' to snuggle in

And before you ask, no, they don't come in adult sizes.


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  • magicbeans
    i got one. i posted a deal on HUKD but it got very cold! price now £22.99 delivered which i still think is very good!
    • magicbeans
      wait! baby brain post was for baby ones..urs is toddlers! doh! sorry!
      • Emma K.
        Heidi, they're hilarious!