Cow & Gate Sunny Start Fruity Porridge Review

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Neither of my first two babies liked baby porridge so we skipped the baby rice stage altogether and went straight to weaning onto pureed fruits and vegetables, but my third baby is a huge baby porridge fan.

In particular, she can't get enough of Cow & Gate's Sunny Start Fruit Porridge. You can buy it from the Co-operative Pharmacy* for £2.25. I was actually quite concerned about which baby porridge or baby rice to go for, as I'd heard that many of them contain unhealthy quantities of sugar. I also try to go organic where possible when it comes to feeding my baby but events conspired against me and when I realised that the time was right to feed my daughter, Cow & Gate's Sunny Start Fruit Porridge was just what happened to be in stock at my local Co-op.

But it's been a high hit with my baby, and that's worth so much when you're introducing first tastes and textures - it's great to find something your baby loves to eat, rather than having to coax them into it. I particularly like it because it's super-easy to prepare, too. You just mix the porridge flakes with some cool boiled water, and voila, breakfast is ready! My baby hoovers this stuff up, and sometimes even tolerates a little pureed fruit alongside it. But really she'd happily just munch on porridge at every meal.

So if you're approaching the weaning stage I would definitely recommend giving this a go. It's suitable for babies aged between 4 and 6 months and older.

I only wish it came in bigger boxes!

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