Clevamama ClevaFeed Review


The Clevamama Clevafeed is a clever little thing indeed. Priced at £5.99 right now at Amazon* it's basically an easy-to-use, fuss-free little bit of baby kit that allows you to introduce a range of tastes and textures to your little one when weaning but with minimal mess, and less reason to worry about the possibility of choking.

It's BPA free, and hygienic and easy to use. You simply snap open the top off the feeder, place food in the teat and then give it your baby to suck on. It's suitable for use from 6months+, and the ClevaFeed can be used with both fresh and cooked foods

The one from Amazon also comes with a replacement teat, which is pretty handy in the event that your little teether gets a little carried away with the Clevafeed.

I found this brilliant for introducing new flavours to my baby and it's real magic is in the fact that bay can use it as a teether at the same time as getting some nutritional goodness - a handy way of exploring food and making weaning fun without getting too het up about how much ends up on the floor or in baby's hair.

I wouldn't use it all the time as I obviously also want my baby to develop her pincer grip and her ability to self-feed without any extra utensils, but for getting started without worrying too much about chunks and choking, this is a great little invention.

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