Clair De Lune Broderie Anglaise Moses Basket £22.45 @ Tesco

So maybe the Little Circus moses basket was a bit bright for you; perhaps you'd prefer something a little more simple and understated? What about this all white Clair de Lune Broderie Anglaise moses bakset then? It's absolutely on a par with the Little Circus moses basket price, £22.45, and you can collect it for free from your local Tesco too.

This Clair de Lune moses basket is themed with a white cover, and bedding set, that features a delicate star pattern.  The basket lining and quilt can all be washed at 30C, but you will need to buy a stand for it.

It's got good reviews from existing owners too, here's just one of them:

"We have had our fair share of moses baskets over the years and I have to say for a really good price this is as good if not better than ones I have had before. Good sturdy makeup and no huge gap around the edges. Highly recommended"

I've had my fair share of moses baksets too.  There was never any question as to whether or not to have a moses basket, that was always a given - they can't be beaten when it comes to portable sleeping: baby in the bedroom next to you - easy; baby sleeping in his, or her, own room - piece of cake; baby sleeping downstairs so you can keep an eye on them as you get on with other things - no problem; weekends away - no need to worry!

If you don't want to schelp to Tesco, then you can always grease their palms with an additional £3 and have them deliver your Clair de Lune moses basket to you instead.

Thanks to dotty4deals at HUKD

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