Christmas Gifts That Keep Giving @ Oxfam Unwrapped

11 November 2010

As Christmas approaches we are all frantically writing our lists, preparing our budgets and getting ready to spend a small fortune on the Big Day. So how about putting some of those precious funds towards Oxfam this year? You can get some gorgeous gifts that actually make a difference.

This year Oxfam Unwrapped is launching a new line of children’s gifts in a big, fat first. This is the first time they’ve included a specific range of gifts for kids and their prices start from only £7. Each and every one of these will help transform the life of a child in an impoverished country.

Playtime has health messages for children using games and fun. It comes with a free activity book for kids aged 3-8 so kids will have fun while donating to others. The desk and chair will cost £21 and will give a young child their own place to sit at school.
For £30 you can educate a child, and for £17 you will give girls a head start with activities designed specifically for girls. Finally they have, for £47, care for a vulnerable child that includes medical, financial and emotional support for children suffering from HIV and AIDS.
If you’re not sure how Oxfam Unwrapped works, it’s simple. Just select the gift, pick a card, pay for it and your chosen person will get a card that tells them all about how their gift changed someone’s life. And a child gets a much needed item.
Go on, unwrap Oxfam this year.

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