Children's Garden Picnic Bench £19.99 @ Home Bargains

Kids love having things for their own size that are just for them, this brightly children's garden picnic bench ticks that box. The price, I'm sure will tick your box too - it's now £19.99 instead of £49.99.

Aside from pandering to little whims, furniture for your little kids is practical, sensible and just more civilised: there'll be no more trying to scrabble up on to a seat that's too high for them, no more trying to eat when your chin barely reaches the table and don't even get me started on trying to reach for drinks.

My big kids adored their little picnic table when they were small – it allowed them to sit and eat with the grown-ups without having to ask for help.

Of course, they can sit and do other things at their little garden table and bench too, we used ours for sitting outside on warm summer days (please let those days hurry up and arrive!) and doing drawings of things we could see in the garden.

This particular children's garden table and bench is suitable for little ones aged 18 months or more and being resin is easy to clean. It's waterproof too, and can be left outside all year round if you wish, although it might fade a bit, in the sunlight, over time.

You can arrange to collect your children's garden picnic bench, for free, from your local Home Bargains, or you can lob them a few extra quid and get them to deliver it to you instead.


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