My Child X5 Pushchair Oriental Fire @

My Child X5 Pushchair Oriental Fire @

MyChildPushchairI had two main requirements when shopping for a stroller. It had to be affordable, as by then nursery costs were sucking up all our spare cash, and it had to be red. Or rather, it had to be a bright colour. I’ve never understood why people opt for dark blues, quiet greys and dull browns. I want a colour that even the most myopic of driver can see as we walk across a zebra crossing thank you very much! The My Child X5 Pushchair would have ticked both those boxes.

MyChildParasolThis stroller has a recommended retail price of £132, but is available at for £49.99. It comes with a sun roof and, crucial for the UK, a rain cover. The version featured in this sale is the Oriental Fire – a very visible, bright red. There’s lots of reviews from mainly happy customers on the site. The only recurring criticism was that the footrest is a little bit too far back, which seems to be difficult for some children to use. If you’re after a little bit of sun safety, the site also has My Child UV parasols on special offer, for £9.99. A good price, but there doesn’t seem to be any in red, which is a shame.

Thanks to rolandscull at HUKD!


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