Changing Mat With Activity Arch From By Carla Review

Changing Mat With Activity Arch From By Carla Review

With a pregnant belly and a two year old, I finally decided a few months back that it was time to cave to the must have’s and buy a changing table, since my daughter has no interest in using the potty and getting down on the floor or leaning over the sofa or bed wasn’t working for me anymore – especially since she went through a phase of absolutely hating having her nappy changed, and kicking, fighting and screaming most audibly.

The changing table needed a changing mat as it didn’t come with one and we liked the look of an activity arc to keep babies busy during changing time. Little did I know having that one little bit of added attraction was going to transport nappy change time in our house forever.

The Changing Mat with Activity Arch from By Carla is wider than our changing table, so it folds up on one side. It doesn’t bug us at all, but the dimensions are worth noting if you have a specific space to fit it. If you’re just going to be using it in on the floor or a flat table top, it should be fine.

The mat has a Velcro strip to which is attached a removable, washable towel liner, so baby isn’t lying directly on the PVC mat. This also makes it superbly easy to clean, because any messes or leaks can be popped in the washing machine along with our regular nappy wash and the plastic can be wiped down no mess, no fuss.

We love how bright and colourful this changing mat is, and the fact that it’s totally unisex in design. No dull beiges or stereotypical colours here. And with a two year old, the different colours and prints on the slightly upturned side have been a fantastic mid-change distraction and talking point.

The real hands down winner on the Changing Mat with Activity Arch, however, is the actual Activity Arch. It is such a perfect distraction to a two year old, it has made all our lives a happier place. For babies the three hanging bits come in two designs that you can simply flip over – the one side is just black and white and the other has colours for when they get older. There’s also a child-safe mirror which I’m sure a baby will find plenty of amusement from.

The arch is in a holder and can be turned to above the baby’s head, or above the face, the centre of the body or totally out of the way. It can even be removed if you need to.

The downside to this Changing Mat with Activity Arch is the price. At £29.99 it’s not on the budget end of the market, but for colours, usability, quality, and ‘features’ it’s a winner and I’m really glad we have it!


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