Casdon 550 Electrolux Toy Vacuum Cleaner £5.75 @ Amazon

Casdon 550 Electrolux Toy Vacuum Cleaner £5.75 @ Amazon

I am not sure if I am keen on writing about a toy vacuum cleaner. We have to use the real thing often enough as adults so I feel as if I am somehow doing my child a disservice by offering her a pretend one. Anyway, it is down by £4.25 off the original £10 and it has free delivery, for those of you who are keen on some pretend vacuum fun.

The Casdon 550 Electrolux toy vacuum cleaner is part of a range of role-play toys from Casdon toys that help kids to learn basic activities by emulating their parents. Kids love roleplay but don’t like being patronised (this is their description, not mine, and it amuses me) so a toy that looks so much like the real thing is pretty cool.

There isn’t much more info on the site about the Casdon 550 so you will have to take a chance on it if you fancy getting one.

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