Calpol Products Reduced @ Clear Chemist

Clear Chemist has popped a bunch of Calpol products on sale so you get some helpful discounts on this baby essential. The Calpol Infant Suspension of 12 sachets is down from £3.36 to £2.83 and the Calpol Sugar/Colour Free original suspension is down from £3.92 to £2.86.

The site also has Calpol Fast Melts in a pack of 12 tablets for £2.50 instead of £3.80 and Calpol original 250mg suspension on sale for £4.62 instead of £6.31. Other items discounted here include the Calpol original infant suspension in 100ml for £2.14, the Calpol sugar and colour free suspension 100ml for £2.58 and the same suspension in 200ml for £4.18.

The Calgel teething gel is down to £1.94, the Calpol sugar free sachets are down to £2.82 and the original suspension in an 80ml bottle is down to £2.20. Calpol Vapour night plus is £6.02 and Calopol Soothe and Care saline nasal spray is £3.60.

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