Bumbo Baby Seat £26.03

Bumbo Baby Seat £26.03

bumboBabySeatBabyCurls are selling this Bumbo baby seat for £26.03 with the discount code BABYCURLS7 - the published web price is £27.99, which is still the cheapest I can find around at the moment.

Amazon are running at almost the same price, but we know what they're like with their fluid pricing policy, Sainsbury's are selling them for £32.99, Argos and John Lewis for £35 and Play.com and Boots are selling Bumbo baby seats for a whopping £40!

I don't like Bumbo baby seats and even if they'd been around when the Teenagers were babies I wouldn't have bought one, but it's not for me to be your baby equipment guardian.

However, I will tell you this - the anti-Bumbos say they force babies to sit up too early, before their little bones are strong enough to cope and can lead to curvature of the spine.

The pro-Bumbo brigade say that's a load of rubbish and tend to sing Bumbo praises from the rooftops.

There are lots of other stories of babies toppling out of Bumbos and of parents sitting their babies in them ON kitchen tables or worktops.  PLEASE, do your own research into Bumbo baby seats, make a choice you're comfortable with and be sensible - the official blurb says 'Bumbo is happiest on the floor' and that sounds like good advice to me!

I'm sure the Bumbo baby seat debate will continue to rage for years to come but if you buy one, don't forget to add the BABYCURLS7 code to drop the price down to £26.03.

Happy Bumbo researching/arguing.

Thanks to magicbeans at HUKD


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  • Emma K.
    From what I've heard, your baby with either love or hate the bumbo. My baby loved it, and it acted as a high chair for feeding times for about 6 months for us.
    • Asma
      We have this for our LO - similar to the Bumbo but hopefully will last much longer. http://www.mamasandpapas.com/product-baby-snug-teal/410432700/type-i/
      • Luschka O.
        Same here - we used it from around six months, but really only at meal times instead of a highchair. The rest of the time she'd try to launch herself out of it, so yeah, having it on a counter would have been a disaster for us!
        • Emma K.
          The mamas and papas one looks a bit more stable than the Bumbo.
          • Lynley O.
            My son is one of the ones who hated it. Or rather he had a lot of fun, immediately pitching himself forward and giggling as he tried to roll out of it. The only time he ever sat up straight in it was when I was packing it back up in the box having finally given up on it. He loved sitting in it inside the box!