Brother Max Combi Bibs Review

22 November 2010


I recently got some of these Brother Max combi bibs. My baby has just started weaning - she's 6 months old now, so it was a perfect opportunity to test them out.

The package comes with 3 plastic-backed cotton bibs, and a plastic crumb catcher (the orange part in the image above). The 3 bibs conveniently fold up and can be stored inside the plastic crumb catcher which studs shut, for when I am out and about.

The bibs themselves are made from 100% cotton, and plastic backed. The cotton is nice and soft against my baby's face and neck. This is quite important for me actually, as baby has very sensitive skin on her face and has bouts of eczema on her cheeks. The plastic backing is totally essential too, as baby is just learning to use a sippy cup, and that's pretty messy!

When I first used the Brother Max bibs, all seemed to go according to plan. While my baby is a very tidy eater, there is always escaping food! The little bits of mashed carrot fell into the catcher instead of baby's lap - job's a good'un!

I can't really say much more about these bibs, other than that they did the job they were made for!

If you'd like to buy some yourself, they're currently selling on Amazon for £5.95 for a set of 3.

P.S. They won a best buy award from Practical Parenting.


  • Jessica
    I have this bib set for my one year old son. I love it. The orange bit does catch a fair amount of food and lots of times, he picks the food back up and eats it out of the "catcher". I would say this is definitely worth its price.
  • Gordon
    My wife got these over in Japan, brilliant for traveling with as rolls into itself and buttons closed. Does exactly as it says on the box.

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