Brilliant 10% Discount On BabyBlooms

Brilliant 10% Discount On BabyBlooms

Remember Luschka’s lovely review on the delicious BabyBlooms last Friday? Well, we nabbed a PlayPennies Exclusive discount for BabyBlooms that takes a very tasty ten percent off the price. What better time to nab a gorgeous bouquet of baby goodies for someone special?

The BabyBlooms range costs anything from £3.95 to £55 depending on what you order and are simply a stunning way of saying “congratulations” to any new mother. BabyBlooms don’t just to bouquets of “flowers” made from baby clothes either. You can also get baby cupcakes which are too cute for words.

  • Discount: 10% Off
  • Valid On: Everything
  • Valid Until: 29 February
  • Discount Code: PYP10

The 10% discount will get you some lovely items with a neatly reduced price and will make your chosen parents utterly delighted. I love these and if I have another child I am going to send links to the site to all my friends along with a meaningful look (kidding).


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