Bright Starts Pretty In Pink Baby Gym For Girls £20 @ Tesco Direct

Unless you're really going to fly in the face of gender colouring (and there's nothing wrong with that) this Bright Starts Pretty in Pink baby gym is, most likely, going to be considered for girls.

Tesco Direct have reduced it down to £20 from £42.95 - someone over at HUKD commented that they saw it in-store at their local Tesco for £10, so if this baby gym is of interest, and you happen to be passing a Tesco (which isn't difficult, seeing as they're everywhere) it might be worth having  a quick look in-store first; OR you could call the store and ask if they stock them and what the selling price is!

Anyway, the Bright Starts Pretty in Pink baby gym...

It features three ways to play: laying down - for when your baby is still tiny, tummy time - for when they're a bit older and can lift their head and shoulders and sitting up - which comes around very quickly.

It has a plush flower with rattle and chimes, in addition to playing five melodies and three silly sounds.  Also included with the Bright Starts Pretty in Pink baby gym are  lots of fun toys such as: an oversized flower-shaped mirror, a spinning rattle, a ladybird with different fabric textures, and a pretty flower with crinkle for tummy-time play, a water-filled teether and eight links that will allow you to add your child's favourite toys.

I think that's enough to be getting on with, don't you?

Thanks to Saffy81 at HUKD

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