Braun Ear Thermometer Lens Filters LF40 £3.94 @ Amazon

Braun Ear Thermometer Lens Filters LF40 £3.94 @ Amazon


The Braun ear thermometer lens filters LF40 pack is down from £7.99 to £3.94 on Amazon and come with that ever so tasty free delivery. These filters have been specifically made for the Braun ear thermometer to deliver a high level of performance.

The Braun LF40 lens filters take your temperature accurately and hygienically. Designed to comfortably fit the ThermoScan Ear Thermometers these protect your sensor from scratches and dirt for maximum hygiene between use. Each filter can be used once to avoid the risk of contamination.

The ear is one of the best places to get a consistent temperature reading of a human’s core body temperature and these thermometers are among the best at doing so. Although, I must admit that the one I have now is not a Braun and is much better than the Braun I did buy many years ago.

Anyway, this is a useful deal for those of you who own these thermometers and fancy getting some new lens filters for barely anything at all.

Thanks to palli at HUKD!


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  • Ian R.
    And if you don't have the thermometer yet... Will only cost you £23.94 in the end :-)