Braun 4520 Thermoscan Ear Thermometer £24.93 @ Amazon

Braun 4520 Thermoscan Ear Thermometer £24.93 @ Amazon


The Braun 4520 Thermoscan ear thermometer is down from £42.99 to £24.93 on Amazon, a saving of £18.06 off the original price. It also comes with their tasty (but slow) free delivery. This is a superb buy for any parent and well worth having in the cupboard.

The Braun thermometer is one of their most accurate designs and is apparently even better than either rectal or forehead measurements due to the unique pre-warmed tip. The guidance system (this is starting to sound more like a missile than a thermometer) confirms that it is in the right position for accurate results.

You will get a measurement in seconds and the tip is flexible so it isn’t too sore inside little ears. Apparently the pre-warmed tip means that the results aren’t affected by the cool tip cooling down the area before the reading is taken. And the ear is the best place to measure temperature for all sorts of medical reasons.

I have a ear thermometer, not this one, and after a recent scare I can’t live without it.

Thanks to ilan at HUKD


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  • fabbee
    I just bought an even better thermometer online from This one is NOT CONTACT NO TOUCH infa red one ! You just put it 5 cm from any object , press the scan button and it gives an instant accurate reading the same reading as the braun. it says it also measures food temperature , room , surface ectNow i can measure my kids teperature without touching them or waking them up. I got it today. Its called the VeraTemp thermometer. It's on their website for £36.99 but when i put the launch code discount in it knocked £10 off .. the code was MWVRTL1 im not sure if its still valid but its a good piece of kit.