Blue And White Striped Hanging Chair £30 @ LyncMeUp

I'm so tempted by this blue and white striped hanging chair it's ridiculous - I can just see it suspended from one of the pergola beams over my patio!  I can see myself sitting in it reading a book, drinking a glass of wine and generally just being one of my most favourite places in the world to sit.

Do you think we've seen the last of the hot sunshine now?  Mind you, if you live in the west and north of the country you may have been pondering that fact for a while now, but for me in the east it's been GORGEOUS.  Today, however, is gloomy, chilly and more than a bit miserable - definitely NOT the weather for sitting outside in a hanging chair.

MIND YOU! Think cold, bright, sunny winter mornings all wrapped up in warm clothes and scarves, sitting in your hanging chair with a hot cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate whilst looking over the fields and planning your day!  Perhaps it helps to live where I do and have romantic notions of such things, even though I know the likelihood of it all actually happening is remote.

But I still WANT IT!  Let's see if I can resist buying myself a blue and white striped hanging chair for the next three days, after which time the deal will have expired.

It can be hanged inside or outside; the cover is washable and as long as you weigh less than 100kg you'll be able to sit in it without fear of ending up on your bum on the floor.

The usual retail price for this blue and white striped hanging chair is £79.99, you can pick one up using this LyncMeUp deal for £30 instead; did I mention I WANT ONE!?

Happy hanging around in chairs!

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