Bernard The Bee Trunki £22 @

8 December 2011 is going to be selling Bernard the Bee Trunki for £22 as of Friday 09 December. The sale will only last for three days and it will only be valid for as long as stocks last, so if you fancy getting yourself this helpful travel Trunki, you need to amble onto their site tomorrow.

Ok, so I guess you all know what a Trunki is and that it comes in a variety of different flavours. You can get the Gruffalo, a cow, a beetle and plenty more. This particular deal is all about Bernard the Bee. He is dead cute, very yellow and utterly enchanting.

However, I am not that pleased with their claim that he is down by 22%. I have seen Bernard the Bee selling for at least £27 so £22 is not 22% off that at all. Still, it is a lot cheaper than anywhere else at the moment and would make a fab Christmas gift for you. Yes, you. You will love pulling the screaming child instead of trying to carry them and 1000 other pieces of luggage.

Another Merry Christmas deal from us!

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