BabyBjorn Babysitter Balance Bouncer £47.50 @ Amazon

This BabyBjorn Babysitter Balance Bouncer has to be the most expensive baby bouncer/baby chair I've come across to date - it's usual retail price is £114.99!

If you head over to Amazon, before they put the price up (and you know what they're like for doing that!), and sign up to their free three-month trial of Amazon Family (you need to join Amazon Prime first, I think - you can read all about that HERE) then you'll be able to pick one up for £47.50.

If you don't want to mess around with joining Prime or Family then your BabyBjorn Babysitter Balance Bouncer will cost you a tenner more at £57.50 - it's STILL a bargain at that price.

SO what's so special about the BabyBorn Babysitter Balance Bouncer that warrants an original price of £114.99?!

Well, at first glance it looks much the same as most of the other bouncy chairs for babies:

  • It's suitable from birth up until around two years of age
  • It has three positions - rest, rock and play
  • It's ergonomically designed to support your child in all the right places
  • The cover can be removed and thrown in the wash
  • It has a removable safety harness; and
  • It folds flat for storage

The only thing I can see that sets it apart from other bouncers, is how it translates your baby's movements into smooth motion; that, and the glowing reviews it's received from existing owners...

"Very practical chair from every respect. Great for baby and great for mum and dad too. It's comfortable and she loves being in it - it's super easy to get her in and out too. No need to fiddle about with straps etc as baby just slips right in. Best part - fabric whips off in seconds goes straight in the washing machine, washes beautifully and is dry in hours. If you're going to buy a bouncy chair buy this one!"

"I think this might be the best thing we bought when we had twins. You always need somewhere to put babies down and even at under 7lb they could sit in this and it bounces as they move. Now they are nine months and they still get their bottles in it and watch TV and bounce like crazy. We had other bouncers but they would have a metal bar along the bottom near baby's feet so if you baby is long like ours then they would bang their feet up and down on the bar. A fabulous bouncer!"

So there you have it - the most expensive baby bouncer I've seen, even with it's whopping discount, but one that seems to be much loved by those who have one.

However, I can't help but hear the old adage 'you get what you pay for' bouncing around in my mind - this is a piece of baby equipment that's going to be used a LOT; work out it's cost per use during its time with you and I can guarantee it'll have more than earned its keep!

Thanks to nikbob at HUKD

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