Baby Weavers Wooden High Chair £39.99 @ Kiddicare

Kiddicare are selling this Baby Weavers wooden high chair for £39.99, it's recommended retail price is £79.99.

There's another brand of wooden high chair, like this Baby Weavers wooden high chair, that costs almost two and a half times as much; I bought one and whilst it was amazing (it still is, in fact, and getting plenty of use some five years on) if I could have bought something similar for almost a third of the price, I would have.

With three children to my name I know a bit about high chairs and have to conclude that a high chair like this Baby Weavers wooden high chair is the best way to go.

They grow and adapt as your child grows and this one will be with you until your child is around 14 years old! They can be pulled up close to the table so your child can eat from the table, rather than being set back from everyone and having to use the fold down plastic tray.

They look better than the usual big metal framed high chairs, in my opinion, and are far more versatile; the only downside is you can't easily transport them around, they don't fold up - think of them more as an additional kitchen table or dining chair for your little one.

Delivery of your Baby Weavers wooden high chair will be free as your order is over the 'get free delivery' value, so £39.99 is going to be your total investment.

Thanks to andywedge at HUKD

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  • SeeBell
    It's actually only £37.99 if you use the code 'morrisons' or 'blackout'

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