Baby Splash Soother £3 @ JoJoMaman Bebe Was £13

Baby Splash Soother £3 @ JoJoMaman Bebe Was £13

The Splash Soother, designed to keep newborns cosy and comfy in the bath, is reduced from £13 to £3 at JoJo Maman Bebe right now.

Made from soft cotton with an extra thick centre panel, the Splash Soother apparently absorbs warm water, acting like a swaddle and providing comfort and security for newborns and babies when in the bath. It's suitable for use from birth and can be used on baby's back and shoulders to keep them warm once they're old enough to sit up in the bath. These come in pink or blue, and free standard delivery is available to all UK addresses.

I've never used one of these - I don't think they even existed when my children were babies - but I did try a similar make-shift arrangement using a flannel soaked in warm bath water, in a bid to keep my kids happy during bath-time, so I can see the benefit of the Splash Soother. At £13 I don't think I'd have bothered upgrading my cheap flannel option to this, but at £3 and with free delivery you can't really go wrong, and it seems as though this might be a tad more sophisticated than my early prototype version!


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