Baby Sleeping Bags From Only £11 @ John Lewis

Keep your baby warm with an adorable sleeping bag from John Lewis. Available in a variety of cute designs, they’re now reduced to between £11 and £13. Previously marked at between £22 and £26 that’s an incredible saving of 50% PLUS John Lewis delivers free on all orders of £50 and over to anywhere in the UK.

Baby sleeping bags prevent the potential danger of baby overheating by using too much bedding - and of the risk of loose bedding going over baby’s head. They also mean babies can't get their feet stuck between cot bars or climb out of their cots - providing a safer sleeping environment all round.

Other benefits include preventing the scratching of itchy eczema and generally helping to make the move from a Moses basket to a big cot easier to cope with.

I don’t want to brag but my daughter slept through the night from 7 weeks. Sleep deprived mums all over the UK are hating me right now but I largely attribute this to me putting my little cherub in a sleeping bag from about 4 weeks. Obviously there are MANY other factors to a baby sleeping through but when a baby is kept a constant warm temperature and doesn’t get a limb caught in their cot bar there’s more chance of him/her getting a good nights sleep. Which means an uninterrupted nights sleep for you and we all know how precious those are.

These cosy sleeping bags have fastenings on both shoulders as well as a side zip fastening around the bottom and side. The sleeping bag cover is 100% cotton and the filling 100% polyester making it  machine washable so if your baby spits up just pop it in the machine and make sure its dry for the next sleep!

If you’re a mum-to-be check out John Lewis’s brilliant Nursery Checklist. It’s a super useful guide to help you plan the essential things you’ll need as you prepare for your baby’s arrival.


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