Baby Grobags £10 Or 2 For £15 @ Blooming Marvellous

Baby Grobags £10 Or 2 For £15 @ Blooming Marvellous

GrobagThe Grobag is an excellent invention. I bet our parents would have murdered for one of these when they had us. Instead of having to get up six times a night because your baby’s kicked off their covers you only need to pop on one of these.

Grobags usually retail at anything from £22 upwards so paying only £15 for two is a bargain. This is an essential piece of baby equipment. They travel well, they keep your kids warm and they look adorable. Also, babies love the all-round snuggly comfort.

It’s basically a sleeping bag for a baby. You can get them at various tog levels, with 1 tog being for summer and 2.5 tog for winter. Don’t worry if this seems complicated, when you click through you’ll see an explanation with each one. Grobag2

Seeing as these are so cheap I’d recommend taking advantage of the special offer of two for £15 and getting one for your baby at their current age, for winter, and another for summer, but a size higher. They wash and dry quickly so you won’t really need two of the same age and tog. Available in all sorts of colours and designs, you’ll grab one that you really like easily enough.

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