Baby Freebie: Mother And Baby Teas For Free @ Immergruen

11 August 2010


Immergruen stock a huge range of herbal teas that will help with all sorts of different ailments and issues and they’re giving away samples of their Baby Stomach Ease and Nursing teas for free. This is a fabulous opportunity to try out these herbal remedies and see if they work.

Baby Stomach Ease tea contains fennel, aniseed, camomile and caraway, herbs that are reputed to relieve colic, wind and constipations. They are also fab for colds and coughs. This tea is a traditional blend of organic herbs that is specially for babies with no sugar or caffeine included.

You just give baby a teaspoon or more in a cup or feeding bottle, or you can pop some in their formula. Breastfeeding mums can drink the tea themselves so it can pass the effects through the milk.

The Nursing Tea is made from a premium mixture of organic herbs and specifically blended to support breastfeeding mums. It includes Fenugreek seeds, fennel, caraway and aniseed and is a great way to support your breastfeeding and keep you hydrated. The list of benefits is quite impressive including; promoting lactation, GMO free, organic and beneficial for both mum and baby.

So, why not nab yourself some free samples of these teas and see if they can help with any mum and baby issues you may be struggling with.

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  • Mel
    Received it really quick and really delicious tea.

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