Baby Freebie: Moltex Nappy Sample @ Spirit Of Nature


Spirit of Nature are giving away a free Moltex baby nappy sample on their site at the moment. These nappies are pretty cool and, well, having a freebie is also down there with the good things in life, so why not nab one for your baby, or for a friend with a baby?

The process of getting your free Moltex nappy sample is extremely simple. Just click on the enormous green button that says, “Request free nappy sample”, fill in some details, and you are on the way.

There are three different brands to choose from actually, you don’t need to be hung up on Moltex. Any one of the three free nappy brands on offer can be yours. Just choose from Bambo, Moltex or Nature Babycare.

These brands are all very eco aware and come with excellent credentials. We only used disposable nappies that could biodegrade and not add to the horrific landfill of nappies and these particular ranges are among the best. Enjoy your free sample!

Thanks to missgem at HUKD!

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