Baby Freebie: Free Samples @ Baby Zilli

Baby Freebie: Free Samples @ Baby Zilli

Here’s another club for parents to join so that they can get a bunch of freebies for their little ones. Baby Zilli is an organic baby food that has its own website and by joining the club you get discounts, deals and freebies.

If you sign up to the Baby Zilli club right now, then you will get discounts from Zilli restaurants and on Baby Zilli products as well as money off their upcoming cook book. You will also get free samples of the organic baby food to try out for yourself.

Joining the club will get you a newsletter where you will be informed of all the latest products and get invited to enjoy exclusive offers before anybody else. There is also the opportunity to join in at baby and child food events if you fancy it.

There is very little information about how much you get in terms of free samples when you join but it seems worth the very short registration to find out, especially if you have a tot you are in the process of weaning.


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