Baby Freebie: Free Polar Bear @ Aptamil

25 January 2011


The Aptamil Baby Club is available only for parents living in the UK and who are either pregnant, or have children under 11 months old. If you pass all these requirements, then you can join the Aptamil Baby Club that nets you vouchers, information, samples and a free baby polar bear.

To start with you’ll have to register your details with the club and choose all sorts of different options. I am not a fan of the process as there are a ton of boxes to fill in and it took a while for me to test the process.

When you reach the box that asks for a code for a free gift, enter the code AMF10 into the box. This is what will net you that lovely free polar bear so don’t forget it! I still have the adorable free cow that I got from another formula brand, they are surprisingly well made for free gifts.

Once you’ve registered, you will be eligible for all sorts of freebies and leaflets and information. How much you receive is entirely up to you of course! So go forth and enjoy your free polar bear from Aptamil.

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  • claire n.
    i am 3 months pregnant
  • The M.
    Is it mine?
  • Eleanor
    I got this before Emily was born and it's a really nice wee polar bear. Obviously I have never bought any formula or follow on junk that these companies sell but for a free toy it's fine! Don't listen to their marketing propaganda & fabrications though!!

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