Baby Freebie: Free Baby Welcome Pack @ Pampers Village

Baby Freebie: Free Baby Welcome Pack @ Pampers Village

For a new mum there is a lot to take in. You have to eat this, not eat that, do this, don’t do that, stock up on this, avoid that. We all end up with these loooong lists of things we have to buy, do and get. So when a freebie like this comes along it’s really rather lovely.

The Pampers Village promotion is valid until the end of March so you have time to get your baby freebies before it expires. All you need to do is sign up to the site and you’ll get Pampers coupons and offers regularly into your inbox (very helpful once baby is here) and customised newsletters that are tailored to your baby’s development (and your pregnancy).

At the moment they are also giving away a free baby welcome pack for pregnant mums up to 32 weeks. If you sign up now you get 10 New Baby Pampers nappies, one pack of Pampers wipes and a magazine. The offer is open to women living in the UK only.

Thanks to NosAri at HUKD!


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