Baby Bath Set £9.99 @ Bargain Crazy

babyBathSet Bargain Crazy (and that's such a perfect name for them) are selling this baby bath set for half price, £9.99 instead of £20.

Baby's are so small when they first arrive, you really do need something small to bath them in.

My youngest was very tiny when he was born so a washing up bowl did the job for a few weeks, then we progressed to a baby bath; when he could sit up on his own he loved having 'baths' in the utility room sink!

BUT a baby bath we needed and we spent a daft amount of money on a Winnie the Pooh one from Mothercare; it was lovely, but the price was a bit uncessary.

This baby bath set at Bargain Crazy is made by Ladybird.

It comes with a bath (obviously) and a top and tail bowl too, for those times when you need to bathe bits of your baby in between bath times.

Both the both and the top and tail bowl have a very cute ladybird motif on their sides.

Happy Baby Bathing!

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